Turkey and Veggies

After a long day on the computer and dealing with winter weather, I was just in the mood for something lighter. I am big fan of vegetable medleys. They are quick, easy, and can be dressed up in a snap.

I started with peas, carrots, and I still had plenty of cauliflower in the crisper. I pulled out most the small flowerets that had broken off of the larger pieces and added them to peas. The carrots got diced and started cooking early. Peas and cauliflower just don’t take as long as carrots to prepare.

While the carrots were rolling, I pulled out a turkey breast that had managed to make it thru the holidays. I dropped it into a casserole dish with a lid, dusted it over with lemon pepper and put it in the over for the next hour. The carrots were a few minutes from done, so I turned them off and left them for later.

After about another hour of phone calls and computer work, the turkey was more than done and it was time to assemble dinner. I pulled the turkey out and let it start cooling while I put together the veggies. This is honestly too simple because everything here needed just about ten minutes to finish cooking. I Dumped all of the veggies into a single pot with enough water in the bottom to keep them from burning and supply a good supply of steam.

Slice the turkey, then plate and serve. I just so happened to have some cranberry sauce on hand I made back in the holidays, so turkey, cranberry sauce, and lots of veggies was achieved.

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