A Quick Etouffee

Most meals around my house begin with the quick check between the frig and the freezer to see what strikes my fancy. The inventory this time aimed me towards one of my favorite onion dishes, eytoufee. I started with a couple of lovely yellow onions and diced them up and started the sauté off with a dash of oil and a thick pat of butter for taste. Two cloves of diced garlic went in next. I started browning my roux in another pan. A roux is nothing more than browned flour and oil. A pot of tumeric rice got set to boiling on a back burner.

While the stove was busy, it was time to clean out the frig. I love dishes like this because they are basically whatever you have on-hand. In this case, I had a third pound of shrimp, a Cajun sausage, yellow bell pepper, and a package of faux crab meat. I got every thing cleaned, sliced, and set to the side.

A quick check on the rice showed that it was far enough along to get cut back to warm on the stove. My roux was now nice and brown. The onions were nearly cooked to translucent. All of my add-ins all got tossed in at this point. A couple of quick stirs to make the heat is evenly spread to all the new items. This is important because when I toss in the roux, I want it to make a good coverage. I made sure the roux was nice and hot, then all of it goes in along with some inspired stirring and folding with a big wooden spoon. At this point, it is time to hit it with the salt, pepper, and Cajun seasonings. Remember to err to the side of going light on the spices. You can always add more at the table, but you can’t take it out if you go too heavy.

Shut off the heat to every thing and find some decent sized bowl, because it is time to plate this goodness up. I personally like this all served over the tumeric rice. As soon as it had nearly cooled enough, the etyoufee was served over the rice. This is great dish for a cold night.

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