It was time to straighten up the freezer when I came across a couple of steaks hidden in the back on bottom. Their time had come. Since the weather was a bit dicey, this needed to be an inside job.

Since the beef we buy at the grocery store has not been aged, it always turns out a little tougher than what we get at the restaurant. Since these had been frozen, the ice crystals that formed throughout the meat have already done a little of the job of breaking the fibers down to something more tender. I let the beef thaw overnight in the frig and in the morning, they were set out to get up to room temperature. They are still in their freezer packaging.

Once it was time to cook, I put a few red potatoes on to boil. I also rinsed the asparagus and cauliflower and set them to the side to be steamed later. Back to the steaks, time to get unwrapped and ready for the oven. I decided to go simple on this presentation so they got a light dusting of salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. A few pats of butter spaced out on the open faces and into the oven at 300 f for about ten minutes. The veggies went on to steam.

As soon it looked like dinner was all synched up, I set the oven to broil and got ready to plate everything. I pulled the potatoes and set them over in a bowl to cool for a minute. Once the steaks hit the level of brown I was looking for indicating they were at medium done, I shut off the heat and pulled the tray out. The steaks could rest for minute while I pulled the steamer. After everything rested for a minute, it all got plated and served. Since, the timing on all this in not all that tight, it is a busy but pleasant pace to a very tasty dinner.

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