Pineapple Chicken

For this meal, my Pyrex dish with lid and a fruit cup of ready to eat pineapple chunks made selecting the menu simple. I grabbed a package of chicken thighs out of the freezer and fitting the frozen block into the Pyrex and unceremoniously dumped the pineapple evenly over the chicken, put the lid on, and into the oven at 350 f for 45 minutes it went.

Basically, the rest of dinner was a simple matter of playing match the flavors. My favorite go to dinner item is the tumeric rice. It always has a pleasing yellow color and helps counter sweet flavors. Add in the classic side dish medley of yellow corn, green beans, peas, and carrot squares and you will have a colorful plate. Don’t get in a big hurry on the sides. Take your time, the chicken has a solid 45 minute cook time.

Now in my house, we are used to soft skin chicken, so, we just pull out the dish and take off the top to let it cool and rest for a minute or two before serving. I find that letting any meat sit for a minute or two before serving allows it to reach its full potential. If you like browned skin, take the lid off and broil until desired finishing color is achieved.

As a variation to the pineapple, I have cooked chicken in just about every type of fruit cup available. I know this seems too simple, but simple can be a very good thing. If the kids love the fruit cups, they will love fruit cup chicken.

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