Creole Pork Loin

Putting together dinner on busy days for me always starts at the single point. For a cooking demo earlier in the day, I demonstrated how easy it was to jump from angel hair pasta to creole pasta. I still had a fair amount in the frig. I also had enough thin sliced pork loin for about one and half servings. A quick survey of what else was on hand and another quick medley is born.

Angel hair pasta with cream sauce and creole seasonings.
One pound pork loin cut down to thin bite sized pieces.
One package white cap mushrooms (sliced)
Half a head of cauliflower cut down to flowerets
One batch asparagus cut into one inch pieces.

Every thing but the pasta was stirred fried until the pork was nice and done. I let it rest for a minute or two then served the medley over the pasta. Season up to the level of spiciness you want in the plate. Everyone can get dinner just the way they like it

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