Cornish Hen

Today’s dish is the result of inspiration and new found confidence. Brandon and I are proponents of trying new things and expanding the kitchen horizons. This dish is the result of a friend of ours daring to take our advice and go for it.

Angela had never tried Cornish hen before, wanted to, but had no idea what to do with one. Here is her first attempt.

She started out with Cornish hen. She left it in the refrigerator over night to thaw. Once ready to cook, she rinsed it, and cut it in two down the breastbone. She put her hen in a baking dish bones down and topped it with Italian salad dressing. The hen went in to the oven for 50 minutes at 350 f.

While the hen baked it was time for the jasmine Thai rice.

One cup jasmine rice
one and 1/2 cup of water
about two tablespoons of fresh bean sprouts
half a red bell pepper diced
about two tablespoons of shredded kale
about a tablespoon of green onion diced
a dash of olive oil

She put her rice dish together and on the stove. She tried our tactic of starting the rice out on high to a rolling boil then backing the heat down to warm. She said her rice was perfect and timed out nicely with the hen.

Plating was simple. She put the rice on the bottom and the half a hen on top. At last report, she had no intentions on sharing ?

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