Corned Beef and Cabbage

I can not truly tell you how much I love this dish. It just takes time and a big pot to make a legendary meal. Today’s cooking adventure went like this.

I put the still frozen hunk of corned beef in the stock pot and filled it with water until the meat was under the surface by about two inches. Then, put it on the stove over a low heat. This baby was going to cook for hours nice and slow. Personally, I like to add a teaspoon of mustard seed and three or four bay leaves to keep the corned flavor up to par. At this point, there are least a hundred other flavors that can be added. The most popular two with me are a cup of good red wine and/or a pepper of the level of heat you desire. For today, I stuck with the most basic of options.

Several hours later and the beef was pretty close to falling apart, I went ahead and pulled it out and sliced it down to nice sized strips, then returned it all to the pot.

Since it is March, cabbages are plentiful, inexpensive, and gorgeous. I rinsed a moderate sized cabbage off and cut it into 4 wedges. I tossed the wedges into the pot along with a few red potatoes. I brought the heat up to a low boil and let it cook for about thirty minutes until the cabbage was good and tender. Just test it with a fork. If you can push the tines into a cabbage wedge without a lot of resistance, it is done.

All you have to do is plate it up, season to taste, and enjoy a true classic

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