Cabbage and Sausage

March is a great month for cabbage. Dare to be different and try something new. This vegetable keeps well, has a light flavor, and is good for so much more than boiling or coleslaw. Tonight’s menu was nothing more than matching up flavors. I find that cabbage goes well with most types of sausage, so here we go.

One tablespoon of olive oil
One yellow onion (diced)
One half cabbage (diced)
One two pack of turkey sausage (sliced kielbasa style)
4-6 green onion stalks (thinly sliced)
One tablespoon parsley flakes
One teaspoon of balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

I started out the medley by dicing the yellow onion and saluted in the olive oil it until clear. I went ahead and sliced up every thing else with the onions cooked. This whole dish from start to finish took me less than 30 minutes from counter to plate.

As soon as the onions looked about right, into the pan went the cabbage and the parsley. Stir and fold often to share out the time on bottom on the heat. After about five minutes, it was time for the sausage, green onion and balsamic vinegar to go in. Stir about once a minute or so and leave covered inbetween to let the steam do its job.

That is all there is. Pull the pan off the heat and let every rest for a minute. You are ready to serve and enjoy. The fun part about this meal is thinking up the variation you are going to try next time.

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