Seven Cheese Potatoes

After a day of adventure, dinner time snuck up fast. Welcome to cooking these days, no time and rolling with what you have on hand. I have already posted this week about turnip greens, and happily, I still had some in the refrigerator. Also in stock were red potatoes, lots of cheeses, and random cuts of pork loin from making chops a little while back.

First, I put the potatoes on to boil. They take longer than anything else on tonight’s menu. After giving the potatoes about a fifteen mnute head start, it was time to pull everything together.

The pork loin went into the pan with a dash of olive oil and a nice dusting of onion and garlic powder. I used a medium heat so that I had a bit more time to deal with the veggies. I cleaned and cut the greens down to more or less large bite sized pieces and set them to the side. Next, the potatoes came off the heat and I changed out the cooking water for room temperature water to get them cool enough to cut.

By then, the pork was done so the pieces went into a bowl to rest for a minute while I put the greens into the same pan and let them grab up some the flavor already established. While the greens were heating up, I rough cut the potatoes to about half bite sized squares and set them aside.

I pulled the greens off the heat and switched back to original potato pot. I tossed the chopped potatoes in and set it back on the heat. Folding often to get enough heat back on my potatoes to melt upcoming cheese. I had several bags of shredded cheese blends in the refrigerator, so I decided to go big on the selection.

Mozzeralla, Provolone, Parmesan, Asiago, Romano, Colby, and Monterey Jack all in equal amounts went into the potatoes. As soon as the cheese shreds were wilting, I pulled everything off the heat and folded the potatoes until well coated.

All that was left was to plate. A bed of turnip greens played host to the pork with the cheesy potatoes riding shotgun. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.

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