Slow Grilled Steak

Today was a day with the rare ingredients of peace and quiet. I took advantage of everyone visiting to fire up the grill and get in a few hours of indirect heat grilling. The way most people think of grilling is the heat directly under the food. Indirect means the heat is generated in the auxiliary box and slowly smokes and cooks. This a great way to cook a lot of food while you are doing other things. Because the heat is normally less than 200 F, your food is in no danger if you are away for a little bit.

Today seemed like a good day for a few steaks. I put them on the grill for a couple of hours and let them just soak up the low heat and smoke. As you can see, they came out with an amazing smoked color and were a nice medium finish. They are great by themselves, but add whatever flavor or sauce you prefer.

To wrap up the dinner, I also prepared a candied sweet potato.

One sweet potato (diced)
Three tablespoons of maple syrup

Just peel and dice a sweet potato, drop into a pan, cover with water, and add in the syrup. Simply boil until the potato is soft enough to stick with a toothpick. Cover and set to the side. The longer the potato soaks in the syrup water, the more flavor it will absorb. If you cook this earlier in the day, it does not take long to heat it up again.

Green beans with mushrooms is a classic around my house. This is such a simple dish, just drop it all in a pan, cover with water, and boil to the level of tenderness you like.

Plate it up and serve with a smile.

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