Turnip Greens and Tenderloin

This afternoon, I was checking the frig for dinner inspiration when the simplest yet a classic of Southern dishes jumped out at me. There sat a bag of glorious turnip greens and I had a pork tenderloin in the freezer. All I did was rinse the greens and chop them down to about two inch slices and toss them in a stock pot. I dropped the frozen tenderloin on top and covered with water. That is it, that is the whole recipe. I put the stock pot on medium low heat and covered it.

I had a project that was going to take at least two hours. I figured that was just about perfect timing. After cooking all afternoon, I pulled the tenderloin out and sliced it into half inch slices and tossed it back in the pot, covered it, and let it simmer until we were ready for dinner.

I served up the greens in a nice sized soup bowl and set out a variety of seasons so that it could be tweaked to the exact spice level of the diners. I have to tell you that food this simple is amazing. Think of this kind of dish as a blank slate that you can now play with. If you love onions or garlic, add them. If you want to try the greens with a different protein, by all means, do it. If you like cornbread over rolls, you can’t go wrong. Just relax and enjoy.

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