Steak and Pasta

After a beautiful day outside and an amazing full moon this evening, dinner needed to happen. Yesterday, I had slow grilled and couple of huge T-bone steaks. There were baby cauliflower and broccoli hanging out in the frig. The box of rigatoni pasta caught my eye. Time to assemble a great late spring dinner.

Two servings of pasta went on to boil while I cut everything else down to bite-sized diced pieces. Just as the pasta hit the al-dente stage, all the veggies went in on top for the last two minutes. The entire batch got tossed in the colander just long enough to drain out most of the water, then back into the pan. I happen to be a big fan of Caesar salad dressing so everything in the pan was tossed until lightly coated with the dressing.

Plating was as simple as filling the bowl with pasta and veggies then topping it with chopped steak. Serve with your favorite Spring beverage. Enjoy.

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