Chicken Livers and Onions

I am not afraid to say that I like chicken livers. Now, I also like to go fishing for catfish. The great part about using chicken livers as bait is that you can always get tired of fishing and eat the livers yourself. I digress, I just so happened to have a tub of chicken livers in the refrigerator tonight when it was time to pick something for dinner.

Since it is the end of the gardening season, I had some tomatoes and green chili peppers sitting on the counter. There were a few good looking yellow onions in the storage bin. I felt a simple dinner taking shape.

Just to round out my dinner idea, I set a cup of rotini pasta on to boil while I pulled together a version of liver and onions. Time to break out the big pan and get started. I still had a bit of chopped bacon on hand so that looked like a good place to start with the onions. I diced up a yellow onion and added it to the bacon and covered it all to get the onion to cook down to clear.

I chopped up a cup of tomato (1 large) and two green chili peppers. I suppose a can of tomatoes and green chilis would be the equivalent. I added that to the onions and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Once everything looked adequately cooked down, I dumped in the chicken livers. I cut the heat back to a low medium and covered the pan.

While my livers got their cooking started, my pasta was done, so I drained it and set it to the side for a minute. I checked and stirred my livers and onions. It was not going to be long before everything was ready. Since we had given the pasta a brief draining and cooling period, I moved it into a bowl, added a bit of Caesar dressing, and tossed the pasta until nicely coated. I have made the point before that any salad dressing you like also makes a great pasta dressing. Choose wisely and enjoy.

I plated up in a couple low bowls as soon as the livers had thoroughly cooked. Honestly, this was simple. It did not take long to cook. It was actually less than 30 minutes from start to finish. I used up a few more items from the garden and got another container out of the refrigerator. This dinner turned out quick, easy, and tasty.

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