Soufflé – Monterey Jack with Bacon

Last week on my radio show, the rest of the crew confessed that most of them had never tasted a soufflé. Well, of course, that was a challenge that had to be met. I decided to ease them in slowly and start with a basic cheese soufflé. I cheated and added some bacon. Let’s face it, nearly everything works with bacon. I know, not everything, but in the Southern USA, nearly everything.

4 slices of thick bacon sliced into small pieces, fried.
6 tablespoons of softened butter.
1 cup of all purpose or self-rising flour.
1.5 cups of milk.
1.5 cups (6-8 oz.) shredded Monterey Jack cheese. (One package is 8 oz.)
6 eggs.
.5 teaspoon of Worcestershire (if desired).

When it comes to the eggs, you have a choice at this point. The best results will come from separating the yolks from the whites. Add the yolks into the batter as is and fold the whipped whites in as the last step. Personally, I just put them in as eggs and it will turn out fine. Just depends on how fussy your audience is.

I mixed the wet ingredients together first, then blended in the flour. Then, I folded in the cheese and bacon. Once it was thoroughly blended, I poured it all into a greased glass baking dish. Now, we all have heard the legends of soufflés falling flat. Just behave and don’t keep opening the oven door or rushing the process. Let it bake peacefully for the 45 minutes at 350 F it needs.

A well done soufflé is a wonderful dish and is worth the time and effort.

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