Pot Roast

I guess it is time to tackle the classic. Let’s face it, a good pot roast is hard to beat. For those of you out there whose grandmother convinced you that this was a hard dish to cook, she made it tough because, while it takes all day, it is not complicated. It is allContinue reading “Pot Roast”

Chili – Basic

I can’t think of a better cold weather food to be cooking. Just walk thru the office or any gathering and announce you are cooking chili and see how many people are ready to help you hide evidence. Chili is heavily linked to the South-Western U.S. and the state of Texas. This is understandable asContinue reading “Chili – Basic”

Vegetable Beef Soup

Since we are in the middle of January, we are in the middle of soup season. There is something amazing and inner peace inducing about a a good bowl of soup. As with any old favorite, there are at least 50 variations to be found and that is if you don’t look to hard. VegetableContinue reading “Vegetable Beef Soup”

Steak and Pasta

After a beautiful day outside and an amazing full moon this evening, dinner needed to happen. Yesterday, I had slow grilled and couple of huge T-bone steaks. There were baby cauliflower and broccoli hanging out in the frig. The box of rigatoni pasta caught my eye. Time to assemble a great late spring dinner. TwoContinue reading “Steak and Pasta”

Slow Grilled Steak

Today was a day with the rare ingredients of peace and quiet. I took advantage of everyone visiting to fire up the grill and get in a few hours of indirect heat grilling. The way most people think of grilling is the heat directly under the food. Indirect means the heat is generated in theContinue reading “Slow Grilled Steak”

Corned Beef and Cabbage

I can not truly tell you how much I love this dish. It just takes time and a big pot to make a legendary meal. Today’s cooking adventure went like this. I put the still frozen hunk of corned beef in the stock pot and filled it with water until the meat was under theContinue reading “Corned Beef and Cabbage”

Medley Time

Time to clear the counter again. The green beans tonight were more about adding a little color to the plate than anything else. The main attraction was another of my medleys. It started out as fried crinkle cut potatoes blended with a diced yellow onion. About halfway thru cooking the onions to clear, I tossedContinue reading “Medley Time”

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