Stuffed Bell Pepper

I out did myself on this one. I had two massive yellow bell peppers that had been in the frig a few days. A quick check of the freezer and frig gave me a great idea. I made up a batch of taco meat with lots of onion, then made up a pot of tumericContinue reading “Stuffed Bell Pepper”

Pepper Steak

I decided to do my version of one of my favorite restaurant dishes, pepper steak. My version features: One green bell pepper (chopped)One yellow bell pepper (chopped)A pound of thinly sliced chuck roast (or any other beef) One packet mushrooms (sliced)One tsp soy sauceThree tbsp oyster sauce This dish cooks quickly so I started itContinue reading “Pepper Steak”

Beef And Mushrooms

Inspiration is often prompted by simply digging thru the refrigerator to see what is lurking in the storage containers. In this case, I had some chuck roast (that had been cut into small steaks for a cooking experiment) sitting in one container, a few Brussel sprouts, and, of course, a new head of cauliflower. KnowingContinue reading “Beef And Mushrooms”

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