The Cooking Today Show: S1 E10: Red Beans and Rice

Allan and Brandon are joined by Bud Thordy from Motor Mouths just in time for some red beans and rice. They discuss how to cook your own and a few variations to try. Then, they move on to dessert, home made fudge.

Red Beans and Rice

Welcome to the laundry day special. In the late 1700s, French-speaking Haitians began arriving in New Orleans bringing with them their recipes for spicy bean and rice dishes. Sunday being the big day of the week with dressing for church and the traditional meal afterwards, Monday got the bad wrap of being the day forContinue reading “Red Beans and Rice”

Hoppin John / Black-eyed Peas

A serving of black-eyed peas on New Year’s to insure luck in the coming year is a tradition for many and, goodness knows, we can all use a little extra luck. How it got to this honored position, I have never found out just exactly how, but like so many fine foods of today, itContinue reading “Hoppin John / Black-eyed Peas”

A Quick Etouffee

Most meals around my house begin with the quick check between the frig and the freezer to see what strikes my fancy. The inventory this time aimed me towards one of my favorite onion dishes, eytoufee. I started with a couple of lovely yellow onions and diced them up and started the sauté off withContinue reading “A Quick Etouffee”

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