Tilapia Fillets

In spite of the fact that I was looking for lighter dinner options, a variety of ideas had already caught my fancy. Instead of choosing one and setting up sides, I decided to swim the other way. I am a big fan of fresh spinach. I find that is makes an excellent plate cover. Basically,Continue reading “Tilapia Fillets”

Crayfish, Crawdads, and Mudbugs, oh my…

I will admit, this is an acquired taste. For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy this delicacy, it is the season. For the next couple of months, it is prime crayfish harvest time. I know that modern food marketing has them available all year long, but nothing compares to fresh out of the swampContinue reading “Crayfish, Crawdads, and Mudbugs, oh my…”

Turnip Greens and Fried Catfish

Tonight, it got real. I was a little late getting home, so the hunt for dinner inspiration was on. That bag of turnip greens set the stage. One bag of fresh turnip greensOne yellow onion (diced)One clove of garlic (minced)about a cup of chopped baconTwo small pork loins cut down to bite siced pieces AllContinue reading “Turnip Greens and Fried Catfish”

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