The Pork Chop

I love simple cooking. The kind of cooking that can be slung together in a moment. The secret to cooking in today’s busy world is prep. Dinner prep begins with bringing in the groceries. Using tonight’s dinner as an example when I bought the pork chops, I went for the big deal. You know theContinue reading “The Pork Chop”

Turnip Greens and Fried Catfish

Tonight, it got real. I was a little late getting home, so the hunt for dinner inspiration was on. That bag of turnip greens set the stage. One bag of fresh turnip greensOne yellow onion (diced)One clove of garlic (minced)about a cup of chopped baconTwo small pork loins cut down to bite siced pieces AllContinue reading “Turnip Greens and Fried Catfish”

Fried Cauliflower

Yes, this is a thing. A very tasty thing. I got introduced to this dish decades ago and I love converting people’s opinion of this wonderful veggie. This a very simple set up. All you need is the deep fryer, a couple of closable bags, and: 1.5 cups of all purpose flower1 tsp black pepper1Continue reading “Fried Cauliflower”

Fried Mushrooms and Cheese Sticks

Some days you are just in the mood for something a little different. I already had some mozzarella rope cheese in the refrigerator, so when I came across a lovely looking box of mushrooms at the store, I had to make the evening just a little different. The mozzarella sticks went into the freezer asContinue reading “Fried Mushrooms and Cheese Sticks”

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