Squash Medley

There are times in the kitchen when you look in the refrigerator and across the counter and decide that dinner is going to be all these odds and ends left from other projects. This is one of those times. Sitting on my counter were the following items from my garden here at the end ofContinue reading “Squash Medley”

Cabbage and Sausage

March is a great month for cabbage. Dare to be different and try something new. This vegetable keeps well, has a light flavor, and is good for so much more than boiling or coleslaw. Tonight’s menu was nothing more than matching up flavors. I find that cabbage goes well with most types of sausage, soContinue reading “Cabbage and Sausage”

Turkey Sausage Medley

A sale on turkey sausage was the inspiration for this medley. One bag of green peas, one bunch asparagus cross-cut, cauliflower broken down to the flowerets, half a pound of shelled shrimp, and the sliced sausage. Basically, I gave everything about a two minute head start on the shrimp to steam. I spread the shrimpContinue reading “Turkey Sausage Medley”

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