Simple Stuffed Shells

It is funny how many cooking adventures begin with “what if we added”. This is one of those cases. The conversation was originally about meatloaf variations. Since this conversation was taking place at the Italian festival, we began swapping out the ingredients. Once we had talked it out, there was really nothing more to doContinue reading “Simple Stuffed Shells”

Pulled Pork and Rigatoni

Anytime you cook a large piece of meat, you have plenty left over. In this particular case, it was a pork roast. As I had a difficult day in front of me, I rubbed it down in garlic powder, onion powder, parsley flakes, and turmeric. I put it in my clay cooker and let bakeContinue reading “Pulled Pork and Rigatoni”

Steak and Pasta

After a beautiful day outside and an amazing full moon this evening, dinner needed to happen. Yesterday, I had slow grilled and couple of huge T-bone steaks. There were baby cauliflower and broccoli hanging out in the frig. The box of rigatoni pasta caught my eye. Time to assemble a great late spring dinner. TwoContinue reading “Steak and Pasta”

Creole Pork Loin

Putting together dinner on busy days for me always starts at the single point. For a cooking demo earlier in the day, I demonstrated how easy it was to jump from angel hair pasta to creole pasta. I still had a fair amount in the frig. I also had enough thin sliced pork loin forContinue reading “Creole Pork Loin”

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