The Meatball Bomb

With Autumn trying to make an appearance, County Fair inspired foods are becoming a topic. The basic idea is to have a food that can now be portable and easy to eat on the move. If you think about most of these foods, they are either frozen or deep fried and normally on a stick.Continue reading “The Meatball Bomb”

Pulled Pork and Rigatoni

Anytime you cook a large piece of meat, you have plenty left over. In this particular case, it was a pork roast. As I had a difficult day in front of me, I rubbed it down in garlic powder, onion powder, parsley flakes, and turmeric. I put it in my clay cooker and let bakeContinue reading “Pulled Pork and Rigatoni”

Turnip Greens and Tenderloin

This afternoon, I was checking the frig for dinner inspiration when the simplest yet a classic of Southern dishes jumped out at me. There sat a bag of glorious turnip greens and I had a pork tenderloin in the freezer. All I did was rinse the greens and chop them down to about two inchContinue reading “Turnip Greens and Tenderloin”

Smoked Tenderloin

This weekend I had the unusual luxury of enough time to do some slow, low temperature grilling. Among the wonderful meats that hit the grill there was a whole pork tenderloin. After a very productive day, I was running a bit behind getting dinner on the table. I sliced the tenderloin into thick chops andContinue reading “Smoked Tenderloin”

The Pork Chop

I love simple cooking. The kind of cooking that can be slung together in a moment. The secret to cooking in today’s busy world is prep. Dinner prep begins with bringing in the groceries. Using tonight’s dinner as an example when I bought the pork chops, I went for the big deal. You know theContinue reading “The Pork Chop”

Seven Cheese Potatoes

After a day of adventure, dinner time snuck up fast. Welcome to cooking these days, no time and rolling with what you have on hand. I have already posted this week about turnip greens, and happily, I still had some in the refrigerator. Also in stock were red potatoes, lots of cheeses, and random cutsContinue reading “Seven Cheese Potatoes”

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