Cranberry Relish

Scott J. Carroll joins us from the Tiny Kitchen and shares three recipes for holiday side dishes that will brighten any meal! Cranberry Relish1 large bag cranberries4-5 small to medium apples, a variety2 large navel oranges1/2-1 cup sugar to tasteRinse cranberries and apples, peel and section the oranges. run all fruit through a hand crankContinue reading “Cranberry Relish”

Cranberry Sauce with Mandarin Orange

I have to admit that I like it when someone tells me that they don’t like a food that I do like. This is now a case of “challenge accepted”. I start off with a few questions as to why they are not a fan. Nearly every single time, the evidence leads back to aContinue reading “Cranberry Sauce with Mandarin Orange”

Cranberry Sauce

November is here. Time to reduce the pumpkins to pulp for future goodness and time to enjoy fresh cranberries. I don’t know about anyone else but I just love these bitter little packages of goodness. Besides tossing a few fresh berries into the stuffing, I favorite use is, of course, cranberry sauce. No, not thatContinue reading “Cranberry Sauce”

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