The Food Dude: 9.14.2023: Apple Cider Cinnamon Muffins

Since it is pumpkin spice season, Allan decided to unravel the mess around the pumpkin spice frenzy. Today, he has chosen to highlight cinnamon. Using a semi-sweet apple cider muffin as his base, he elevated cinnamon to the strongest flavor and added a pinch of cinnamon sugar to the caps just for effect. The gatheredContinue reading “The Food Dude: 9.14.2023: Apple Cider Cinnamon Muffins”

The Food Dude: 9.07.2023: Bell Pepper Rice

Allan is sharing the bounty of his garden and right now he has several colors of bell peppers ripening. The gang gets treated to a yellow rice made with red, yellow, blonde, and purple bell peppers served in a tortilla boat just to make it finger friendly.

The Food Dude: 8.24.2023: Bundt Cakes and Holes

Allan took up the challenge from last week’s conversation in which Tim asked about Bundt cakes. This week, the morning breakfast gang was treated to buttered angel food Bundt cakes and, just to satisfy Tim’s curiosity, Allan flipped his pans over and made a few Bundt holes just to prove it could be done.

It Came From The International Market: Season 3 Episode 7: Maple Doughnut Coffee

Our panelist get to try a variety of foods from the local international market. In this episode, our panelist get to try papaya milk, coconut patty, maple doughnut coffee, and cracklins.

The Food Dude: 8.17.2023: Western Red Beans and Rice

Allan treats the crew to a Western-style red beans and rice. Allan replaced half of the cayenne pepper with chili powder and added about a cup of chopped fresh cherry tomatoes and a couple of green onions. The gang enjoyed the twist on the classic and somehow the conversation winds up on Bundt cakes.

The Food Dude: 7.27.2023: A Caribbean Boat

In honor of a lot a TV shows about sharks this week, Allan brought in Caribbean boats for everyone. The boat starts out with a soft tortilla bowl. Layer number 1 was browned ground beef flavored with jerk seasoning (1 tblsp to 1 lb of ground beef). Layer two was a dash of salsa. LayerContinue reading “The Food Dude: 7.27.2023: A Caribbean Boat”

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