Shaved Pork

I was at the grocery store and there was a clearance on shaved pork. A lady saw me pick up a package and remarked that she just had no idea what to do with it. I gave her a couple of quick ideas, she made her selection, and moved on. Later, at work, a numberContinue reading “Shaved Pork”

The Cooking Today Show: S1 E10: Red Beans and Rice

Allan and Brandon are joined by Bud Thordy from Motor Mouths just in time for some red beans and rice. They discuss how to cook your own and a few variations to try. Then, they move on to dessert, home made fudge.

Red Beans and Rice

Welcome to the laundry day special. In the late 1700s, French-speaking Haitians began arriving in New Orleans bringing with them their recipes for spicy bean and rice dishes. Sunday being the big day of the week with dressing for church and the traditional meal afterwards, Monday got the bad wrap of being the day forContinue reading “Red Beans and Rice”

Pumpkin Bread

Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday, however, November delivers so many wonderful cooking opportunities and ingredients. One of my favorite ones to carry over is the majestic pumpkin. I am afraid that is it a bit of lost food in our busy modern world. They are a remarkable squash. If you have whole undamaged pumpkinsContinue reading “Pumpkin Bread”

Cranberry Sauce

November is here. Time to reduce the pumpkins to pulp for future goodness and time to enjoy fresh cranberries. I don’t know about anyone else but I just love these bitter little packages of goodness. Besides tossing a few fresh berries into the stuffing, I favorite use is, of course, cranberry sauce. No, not thatContinue reading “Cranberry Sauce”

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