Turkey Sausage Medley

A sale on turkey sausage was the inspiration for this medley. One bag of green peas, one bunch asparagus cross-cut, cauliflower broken down to the flowerets, half a pound of shelled shrimp, and the sliced sausage. Basically, I gave everything about a two minute head start on the shrimp to steam. I spread the shrimpContinue reading “Turkey Sausage Medley”

Medley Time

Time to clear the counter again. The green beans tonight were more about adding a little color to the plate than anything else. The main attraction was another of my medleys. It started out as fried crinkle cut potatoes blended with a diced yellow onion. About halfway thru cooking the onions to clear, I tossedContinue reading “Medley Time”

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