Pulled Pork and Rigatoni

Anytime you cook a large piece of meat, you have plenty left over. In this particular case, it was a pork roast. As I had a difficult day in front of me, I rubbed it down in garlic powder, onion powder, parsley flakes, and turmeric. I put it in my clay cooker and let bakeContinue reading “Pulled Pork and Rigatoni”

Turnip Greens and Tenderloin

This afternoon, I was checking the frig for dinner inspiration when the simplest yet a classic of Southern dishes jumped out at me. There sat a bag of glorious turnip greens and I had a pork tenderloin in the freezer. All I did was rinse the greens and chop them down to about two inchContinue reading “Turnip Greens and Tenderloin”

Smoked Tenderloin

This weekend I had the unusual luxury of enough time to do some slow, low temperature grilling. Among the wonderful meats that hit the grill there was a whole pork tenderloin. After a very productive day, I was running a bit behind getting dinner on the table. I sliced the tenderloin into thick chops andContinue reading “Smoked Tenderloin”

Creole Pork Loin

Putting together dinner on busy days for me always starts at the single point. For a cooking demo earlier in the day, I demonstrated how easy it was to jump from angel hair pasta to creole pasta. I still had a fair amount in the frig. I also had enough thin sliced pork loin forContinue reading “Creole Pork Loin”

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